With a calling for service leadership, Mark Potts has always promoted our area to boost business, industry, tourism, and employment.

With a calling for service leadership, Mark Potts has always promoted our area to boost business, industry, tourism, and employment.

We did it once-
Let's do it again!

Let’s Re-elect Mark Potts as the Republican Candidate for Jefferson County Mayor in the May 3rd Republican Primary.

As County Mayor, Mark has helped our community thrive through leadership, vision and direction by focusing in on what’s important for #OurJeffersonCounty.

Join the campaign, as he continues to work hard for what’s best for our community.

Mark Potts has deep roots in Jefferson County.  Mark’s family is a First Family of Tennessee and his mother Betty, who turned one hundred last October, is pretty confident that the family farm is at least a Century Farm. Mark, his wife, Heidi, and their children are proud to call Jefferson County their home.

Mark Potts currently serves as Jefferson County Mayor. He was first elected in 2018 and has since strived to make Jefferson County the best county it can be through promoting business, industry, tourism, and employment in our area.

Prior to his election to county mayor, Mark served as the Jefferson City Mayor as well as a City Councilman for Jefferson City. He also worked as a paramedic and supervisor for Jefferson County EMS for 21 years, caring for our citizens.

Mark Potts has built the relationships necessary to promote our Jefferson County on federal, state, and local levels. He is a firm believer that there is no better place to live, work, or visit than our county.

Some of Mark’s first-term achievements include:

  • Evaluated and reconfigured the mayor’s office to function more efficiently while reducing staff. Revised and updated the county website.
  • Implemented electronic voting for commissioners and provided i-pads to all commissioners. This reduced the amount of paper used for meetings.
  • Applied and received two (2) 500,000.00 housing rehab grants without any match money from the county.
  • Coordinated a safety study of highway 92 from Dandridge to Chestnut Hill which produced safety improvements.
  • Coordinated with numerous officials, volunteers, and others to form Community Comes Together which fed hot meals during Covid-19 shut down to our seniors who depend on Meals on Wheels.  This program along with money from county commission fed 3,667 Hot Meals, 491 Weekly Grocery Boxes, 140 Weekend boxes.
  • Initiated a paid college internship program through mayor’s office bringing youth and energy to the office.  This program guided Jefferson County to become a Keep America Beautiful affiliate and started Keep Jefferson Beautiful.
  • Guided the establishment of Long Range Planning Committee and the 230th Year Celebration of Jefferson County.  Completed a county wide 10 Recreation Plan.
  • Initiated safeguards for employees during the pandemic in cooperation with other county officials.to protect employees and the public.  The county remained open for business.  Sneeze guards , split shifts, work at home drop off points outside the courthouse.  Provided and encouraged the use of masks. Informed the public concerning testing and vaccinations from the Health Department.
  • Successfully contracted space for the clerk’s office in Wal Mart.
  • Infrastructure upgrades for the courthouse, fiber optic, security cameras, and sprinkled the entire facility.  All county IT and computers are upgraded.  Working to eliminate paper and shift to electronic copies.

A few of Mark’s accolades include:

  • Current Chair of the Lakeway Area Metropolitan Planning Transportation Organization (LAMPTO), East Tennessee Development District (ETDD), East Tennessee Human Resource Agency (ETHRA) 
  • CTAS Certified Public Official
  • Has completed the High Performance Leadership program through Professional Development Academy

Mark is also a member of NACO, CEA, NACA, and the Association of TVA government.

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